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Introducing jade., a rising talent in the EDM scene, whose journey began in December 2021 when they first delved into the world of music production. Fueled by passion and determination, they quickly honed their skills and made their mark in the industry.

In just a short time, jade. has already begun making waves in the live music circuit, kicking off their performance journey in October 2023. Since then, they’ve graced the stage alongside esteemed acts like JEANIE and Green Matter, showcasing their unique sound to eager audiences. Notably, jade. had the honor of opening for the renowned Oliverse and made an unforgettable appearance at Dancefestopia’s Yellow Brick Road Tour in 2024.

Drawing inspiration from a wide array of genres, jade. crafts their signature sound with meticulously crafted progressions and vibrant, textured soundscapes. From the infectious rhythms of house music to the gritty depths of riddim and the frenetic energy of drum and bass, jade. fearlessly explores every BPM, taking listeners on a nostalgic yet forward-thinking sonic journey.

With a penchant for innovative production and a knack for captivating performances, jade. is poised to leave a lasting impression on the EDM landscape. Keep an eye out for this rising star as they continue to push boundaries and enchant audiences with their evocative musical offerings.

Notable Appearances

  • Green Matter
  • DFT Yellow Brick Road Tour
  • Oliverse

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